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... Abortion Facts ...

Abortion is a medical procedure. Yet many times abortions are performed in non-medical facilities.

Abortion has been linked to causing breast cancer: A 15 year old American girl has a 10% lifetime risk of breast cancer. If she gets pregnant in her teens and has the baby she reduces her risk to 7.5%. However, if she has an abortion, her risk rises to 15% (assuming she has at least one child in her 20's). If the abortion sterilizes her and/or for other reasons, she never has another pregnancy, her risk rises to 30%. (notes 1)

24.3% experience complications in future pregnancies. Complications include: excessive bleeding, premature delivery, cervical damage, and sterility. (notes 2)

Uterine perforations. Uterine perforations can often occur and sometimes may go unrecognized and untreated. (notes 3)

Placenta previa - a condition producing extremely severe, life threatening bleeding in future pregnancies. Statistics show a 600% increased risk following abortion. (notes 4)

Increased bleeding in subsequent pregnancies (notes 5)

Retention of placenta - increased in subsequent pregnancies. (notes 6)

200% increased risk of miscarriage after two or more abortions (notes 7)

160% increased risk of tubal pregnancy (notes 8)

Increased risk of abnormal positioning of the baby in future pregnancies after one or more abortion. (notes 9)

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